Immigration Psychologist


Immigration Assessments, Psychological Testing, Psychological Evaluations and Psychotherapy

Thank you for considering Dr. Maria R. Martin, Ph.D., LMFT as a provider for your immigration assessment, psychological testing, psychological evaluation or psychotherapy.

Immigration cases typically fall into one of following types:

  1. Extreme Hardship Cases, must establish that the deportation or removal of the undocumented alien would result in extreme hardship to the spouse, children or parents who are United States citizens or lawful permanent resident aliens. 
  2. Asylum Cases, which can involve torture, political, or religious persecution.
  3. Violence Against Women Cases, which involve domestic violence against undocumented women by their spouses.  In these cases, the women must file police reports and cooperate with law enforcement investigations.
  4. Waiver Cases, must establish a person has strong ties to the community, has strong religious affiliation and lacks legal problems.  In another instance, waiver cases must stablish that a person's Inability to Learn English is due for example to neuropsychological impairment.  These cases are discretionary by the judge.

An immigration evaluation may begin with a discussion with your referring attorney. That discussion involves gathering pertinent information and developing an understanding of the legal issues related to your case.

A face-to-face appointment is set up with you. The assessment process proceeds with extensive interview of all pertinent parties. During these face-to-face interviews I gather important background information and facts about the case and the nature of the immigration proceedings. Also, I gather information regarding you and your family, including social,educational, work and medical histories.  At this point I obtain any relevant background information or files you may have from attorneys, physicians, schools and hospitals.

Once all pertinent family members or pertinent parties have been interviewed, psychological tests are then administered, if applicable.  Some of the instruments and measures I may use in an assessment include:

1. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Index

2. Personality Inventories

3. Cognitive and Intelligence tests

4. Memory Impairment Measures

5. Malingering Assessment Tests

6. Neuropsychological tests

7. Acculturation Measures

8. Adaptive Behavior Scales

9. Mental Status Examinations

10. Depression and Anxiety Scales

11. Attention-Deficit and Hyperactivity Measures

12. Measures of Achievement

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